Walking is a fantastic way to get – and stay – healthy!

One of the reasons health experts give walking rave reviews is because it’s a ‘lifestyle exercise’. That means you can usually make time for it without too much of a change to your daily routine. Walking to work, to the shops, or the final mile from the bus stop may take a little more time, but it’s certainly not the big project that signing up for a gym (and the time or cost to get there) can be. There is a network of existing walking routes surrounding the development, connecting it to the city centre and the main built up area of Carlisle to the north. Blackwell Road offers a direct route into Carlisle and benefits from good provision for pedestrians with continuous footways and street lighting, making for a pleasant pedestrian environment. If you fancy a more scenic journey, Hammonds Pond park is criss-crossed by walking routes, with pedestrians being able to cross the park towards Upperby Road, where there are a number of schools and local amenities (including a Spar) nearby.

Useful Walking Links:

Hammonds Pond Doorstep Walks

The City Council has developed a series of short, graded, gentle walks within easy reach of Carlisle – great for your health, easily accessible and on good footpaths. The Hammonds Pond doorstep route can be downloaded by clicking here.

Local Walking Map

A printable copy of the Carlisle Walking and Cycling Map can be downloaded by clicking here.

Carlisle City Council Walking Pages

For local walking information including a video on the benefits of walking, details of the Council’s Walking Programmes and downloadable leisure walks click here


Want to know where to walk or know how long a walk you do regularly is? Do you want to find someone to walk with?

Visit the Walk4Life website – click here.


Information on local walking routes and groups.

To visit the website click here.

Living Streets

Living Streets is the national charity that stands up for pedestrians.

To visit the website click here.

Walking for Health

Walking for Health encourages more people to become physically active in their local communities.

To visit the website click here.

Free Online Journey Planner

To find the quickest or easiest way from A to B, use the Google Maps online journey planner click here