Have you thought about how you are going to travel around the local area?

This website has been prepared by Story Homes to make sure that all residents at The Ridings have easy access to the full range of travel information required when you move into your new home.

Moving home for many people means a big change in lifestyle. Not only will you be living in a nice new house, you will also need to turn off the auto pilot and consider how you are going to travel to and from your new home. It’s a great time therefore to think about what the best travel options are for you, and how you could potentially save time and money by choosing sustainable travel modes.

Of course for many people and many trips the car offers the most practical travel option, but could you undertake some of your journeys on foot, by bike, using public transport, or even in the car with someone else who is heading your way? The information on this website will hopefully help you to answer some of those questions, however if you do want a little further advice we are here to help. Simply send us an email to info@theridings-travel.co.uk and we will get back to you just as soon as we can.

The Benefits
of Sustainable Travel

Save Money

On average, 15% of household spending is on transport, almost as much as on food or housing. Most cars cost over £50 per week to own and run. Replacing car journeys, particularly short ones, with a journey on foot or on a bike, can therefore save a significant amount of money over the course of a year.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Regular walking or cycling makes you as fit as an average person 10-years younger. You don’t have to walk or cycle a long way to feel the benefits. A brisk one-mile walk in 20 minutes, say to the local shop and back, burns around 100 calories – as much as swimming for 10 minutes, playing football for 12 minutes or doing aerobics for 16 minutes.

Save Time

Britons spend an average of an hour a day travelling. For short journeys or in busy traffic simply walking or cycling around the corner can be much quicker than jumping in the car, finding somewhere to park, walking to the shop etc…. so why not give it a try?

Plan your Journey

Want to know how to get to the nearest shop by bike, or the quickest way to get to work by bus? Residents at The Ridings can take advantage of free personal travel advice. Just tell us where you want to go and we’ll work out the various travel options for you, including travel time, number of changes, petrol costs, CO2 emitted, and calories burnt.

To find out more email info@theridings-travel.co.uk

Contact the Travel Plan Coordinator

Story Homes has employed a Travel Plan Coordinator for The Ridings as the first point of contact for any travel queries you may have.

To contact the Travel Plan Coordinator email info@theridings-travel.co.uk

The Liftshare Car Share Scheme

Did you know that you could halve your travel costs without having to give up the convenience of car travel? Car sharing is where you share a car with someone making a similar journey to you – either by offering or requesting a lift through an online database. Its dead simple, really flexible and could save you lots of money on petrol!

Anyone can join the Liftshare car share scheme for free. It enables you to find others making similar journeys by car.

Click here. to register and see if anyone’s going your way.